Graph of the Day: Public Transit on the Rocks

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“Around the nation, public transit ridership continues to stay well below pre-pandemic levels. Nationally, transit ridership in April 2022 was 58.7 percent of April 2019. Driving, flying, and even train travel via Amtrak have all recovered nicely by comparison. New York City carries 30% of the entire nation’s transit riders, and though their recovery has advanced at a better clip than other cities, it’s still only back to 64% of pre-pandemic levels. With reduced revenues, it’s likely we’ll begin to see transit services beg for more subsidies. In San Francisco (where ridership is only back to 56% of what it was pre-pandemic) a proposed $400 million bill to modernize MUNI just failed a public vote. In Nashville, we’ve only recovered 30.9% of pre-pandemic bus riders even as routes have expanded …” (06/16/22)