Beyond Revenge, What Does Jane’s Revenge Want?

Source: The Intercept
by Judith Levine

“When I read that a group calling itself Jane’s Revenge had firebombed anti-abortion ‘crisis pregnancy centers’ in Madison, Wisconsin, Des Moines, Iowa, and other locations from Washington state to Washington, D.C., my first thought was: What the fuck? Was this a false flag? Who but the extreme right, which had looked the other way while its terrorist armies murdered abortion providers, would besmirch the name of Jane, the Chicago collective that provided over 11,000 safe, illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade? … Or was Jane’s Revenge a first — the anarcho-feminist descendant of the Weather Underground …. The threat Jane’s Revenge scrawled on the walls of the wrecked buildings — If abortion isn’t safe, you aren’t either — only increased my dread. Was this the next step toward a Hobbesian war of all against all?” (06/16/22)