Why It’s Hard To Take America’s Word on the Summit of the Americas

Source: Antiwar.com
by Ted Snider

“President Biden has made the battle between autocracy and democracy a theme of his presidency. He invoked that theme again last week to explain to Latin America and the world why Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua were cut from the list of nations invited to the US hosted Summit of the Americas. The State Department explained that ‘It’s the president’s decision, but I think the president has been very clear about the presence of countries that by their actions do not respect democracy — they will not receive invitations.’ But by Biden’s actions, it is difficult to take the US at its word that the Summit snubs were about democracy. … it is in Latin America that the US has least respected democracy. There is hardly a country in the region that has not been crushed by a US coup. Despite his Manichean rhetoric, that pragmatism has remained true in Biden’s time.” (06/16/22)