The strategic incoherence of copying North Korea

Source: Orange County Register
by Bonnie Kristian

“North Korea’s test-fire of eight short-range ballistic missiles into the ocean this month was in many ways utterly ordinary. The Kim Jong Un regime has launched missiles 18 times in 2022, an average of one round every nine days, and short-range missiles have been a favorite of the isolated totalitarian state in recent years. Also standard was the test’s timing one day after joint U.S.-South Korean military exercises in the Philippine Sea. … Not so ordinary was Washington’s response to the test. The day after, the U.S. and South Korea fired eight missiles of their own into the sea. While it was supposed to demonstrate ‘readiness,’ per a statement from Seoul, this move encapsulates the incoherence of U.S. policy toward North Korea and its nuclear arms. … North Korea knows we’re ready. What could firing eight missiles into the sea add here?” (06/16/22)