The Elite Press Remains The Handmaid Of War

Source: The American Conservative
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“Far too often, the elite U.S. press has been a reliable mouthpiece for Washington’s dubious foreign policies. That was true during the Cold War, except for a brief period of disillusionment and dissent once the Vietnam War became such an obvious debacle. That period of more vigorous scrutiny and skepticism did not last long, however. When George H. W. Bush launched his drive for U.S. military intervention in the Persian Gulf to expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait … elite outlets were fully on board with that agenda, as their shamelessly biased treatment of the relevant issues confirmed. That pro-interventionist bias became even more flagrant …. There was very little daylight between the official U.S. government positions on those issues and the dominant media narratives. A similar pattern has emerged with press coverage of the war in Ukraine.” (06/16/22)