Democrats doomed by feeble Joe Biden and weak batch of candidates behind him

Source: New York Post
by Michael Goodwin

“Everywhere you turn, there is suddenly a Dem willing to declare that Very Old Joe is in way over his head. The only surprise is that it took the naysayers so long to admit the obvious. But even now, they are only wrestling with part of the problem. It’s not a serious question whether Biden can’t serve six more years. He can’t, and voters will tell him so if he dares to try. But even assuming he can be convinced to voluntarily step aside for ’24, there are two additional hurdles that party leaders should consider before they stumble into a situation far more complex than just his age and disastrous presidency. The first is, after Biden, whom? Dems have the weakest possible bench and there’s no viable candidate waiting in the wings.” [editor’s note: Jared Polis of Colorado andAndy Beshear of Kentucky might be worth a look – TLK] (06/14/22)