Three Anti-Inflation Alternatives to Raising Interest Rates

Source: In These Times
by Richard D Wolff

“A deafening silence defines ​’debates’ among U.S. leaders about stopping or slowing today’s inflation. Alternatives to the Federal Reserve’s raising of interest rates and curtailing money supply growth are ignored. It’s as if there were no other ways to rein in price increases except to add more interest costs to the already excess debts of workers and small and medium businesses. … As usual, the profit-driven concerns of big business and their result (a remarkably selective historical amnesia) fuel the silence about alternative anti-inflation policies. So too do the right-wing ideological blinders that now constrict U.S. politics. Yet, policy alternatives always exist, no matter how desperately partisans promoting one policy seek to obliterate debate and discussion of others.” [editor’s note: Tell me you don’t understand what inflation is without telling me you don’t understand what inflation is … – TLK] (06/14/22)