The January 6 Committee Is Telling a More Honest Story About Trump Than the Media Has

Source: The New Republic
by Alex Shepard

“The press’[s] reliance on (or, if you prefer, addiction to) ‘both sides’ coverage — of insisting not on leading with the truth but in simply asking Democrats and Republicans what the truth is and then printing their responses. … This ultimately points to the Commission’s greatest strength: It’s not beholden to both-sidesing the January 6 riots or Trump’s efforts to overturn the election. It doesn’t have to conform to any media filters or traditions that have served us so poorly as Trump and his coterie of villains have threatened to degrade the civic health of the nation. It succeeds in many ways where the press has failed over the previous six years: It can come right out and say, in no uncertain terms, that Donald Trump is corrupt and that he was out to steal the presidency despite knowing full well that he had lost the election.” (06/15/22)