Whiskey Wars: Danish, Canadian regime strike deal to end 50-year row over Arctic island

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“Denmark and Canada have struck a deal to settle almost 50 years of good-natured squabbling over the ownership of a small, uninhabited Arctic island. Since 1971, the countries have been ‘fighting’ the ‘Whiskey Wars’ to settle competing claims over Hans Island. Successive expeditions from Ottawa and Copenhagen have braved icy conditions to plant bottles of alcohol on the tiny 1.2sq km (0.75sq-mile) rock. But now officials have agreed to divide the outpost roughly in half. The prank war began after the countries convened to settle boundary disputes in the Nares Strait, a channel 35km (22 miles) wide of cold water separating Canada and Greenland, an autonomous territory of Denmark. In 1973 they struck a deal to create a border through the strait, but while they negotiated, competing claims emerged over the tiny island.” (06/14/22)