Biden claim: “Trump did not leave a very good situation” internationally

Source: Fox News

“President Biden accused former President Donald Trump of causing harm on the international stage, claiming that he has had to pick up the pieces of the previous administration. The president was in Pennsylvania speaking to the AFL-CIO at the labor organization’s Quadrennial Constitutional Convention on Tuesday when he included some pointed words directed at his predecessor. ‘I travel the world trying to put things back together. You know, Trump did not leave a very good situation,’ Biden said. ‘You think I’m kidding? No matter where I go in the world, whether it was the Inter-American Conference we just had for this hemisphere, or NATO, or dealing with the ASEAN countries, or the Far East, guess what? They look at me and I say, I say, ‘America is back.’ And they look at me, and they say, ‘For how long?”” (06/14/22)