Voting: Don’t Buy the Guilt Trips

Source: Garrison Center
by Thomas L Knapp

“As the 2022 midterm campaigns heat up, we’ll no doubt find ourselves subjected to the usual ‘MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION IN HISTORY! GET OUT AND VOTE!’ campaigns. Not to mention the ‘dirty hands’ counter-argument from some radicals that voting is immoral because it props up a bad system: If you vote you have no grounds for complaint; since you willingly participated in that system, the outcomes are on you, not on non-voters. Yes, elections have consequences. Your vote, on the other hand, mostly doesn’t. … Voting is speech. It’s a statement of your beliefs. Ditto non-voting, if done with intent to express unwillingness to affirm the system’s legitimacy. Voting is neither a moral duty nor a moral crime.” (06/14/22)