Electric Vehicles Need Only a Gentle Push

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Froma Harrop

“What can you say about the president’s gallop to decarbonize the economy other than ‘giddyap?’ Climate change is an existential threat to this country and world. But policy must be nuanced. On his push to build infrastructure for electric vehicles, President Joe Biden should consider a lighter touch on the crop. We specifically refer to his plan to have EV chargers installed every 50 miles along major highways — with $5 billion in funding attached. All this sounds super, but such a regulation could cause headaches in Western states that are home to significant metro areas but also have huge expanses where few live and major highways crossing them.” [editor’s note: How about instead of “gentle pushes” from government, government gets out of the way and lets the market take care of business? – TLK] (06/14/22)