The Centenary of Ludwig Von Mises’s Critique of Socialism

Source: American Institute for Economic Research
by Richard M Ebeling

“It is now 100 years since the first (German-language) edition of Mises’s Socialism appeared in print in 1922. It is a century in which socialism-in-practice has been experienced in a wide variety of countries around the world. But when the volume was published in 1922, the First World War had been over for only less than four years. The Bolshevik revolutionaries in Russia under Vladimir Lenin had only recently triumphed over their anti-communist opponents in a bloody civil war that ended the year before. … its relevancy could hardly be questioned, but it still seemed ‘academic,’ that is, still a theoretical critique of whether or not a socialist economic system could be an effective and superior alternative to the ‘capitalist order,’ whose days seemed inevitably numbered.” (06/14/22)