Democrats Need a Trump of Their Own to Win in 2024

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“Donald Trump, the man who tried to remain president after losing the 2020 election, is still the prohibitive favorite to be the GOP nominee. This leaves America with a potential choice, as conservative John Podhoretz recently described it, between ‘a man with a drool cup, versus a raging psychotic.’ … I have spent a lot of time and energy decrying the celebritization of politics (the calamity of Trump being a good example of what concerned me about the trend), but the horse is out of the barn. We live in the age of celebrity; and while mixing entertainment and politics can result in a toxic brew, not all celebrities behave like Trump, and entertainers can sometimes make terrific communicators and effective leaders. Could this be what Democrats — who are obviously out of ideas (and inspiring politicians) need?” (06/14/22)