Congo: Regime accuses Rwandan regime of “invasion” as rebels attack town

Source: Deutsche Welle [German state media]

“M23 rebels in DR Congo (DRC) have seized the eastern border town of Bunagana on Monday, the militia members and local activists said. In a statement, the rebels appealed to DRC President Felix Tshisekedi to ‘seize this opportunity to put an end to the violence caused by this useless war and to open direct negotiations with our movement.’ But the Congolese army said the town had been taken by Rwanda because the rebels, allegedly supported by Rwanda, were suffering ‘enormous setbacks.’ DR Congo has repeatedly accused Rwanda of backing the M23, whose leadership hails from the same Tutsi ethnic group as Rwandan President Paul Kagame. … The M23, a primarily Congolese Tutsi militia, is one of more than 120 armed groups active in eastern DRC. It briefly captured Goma in 2012, but a joint offensive by UN troops and the Congolese army quelled the rebellion. Rwanda denies supporting the M23.” (06/14/22)