GA: Shortened runoff poses hurdles for voters, officials

Source: SFGate

“Georgia’s 2021 voting law made changes that drew a firestorm of criticism — bans on giving water to people waiting to vote, a shorter period to request an absentee ballot and strict limits on ballot drop boxes. But with early in-person voting opening Monday in most Georgia counties ahead of the June 21 primary runoff, the consequences of another change that got less attention are becoming fully apparent. Shortening the runoff period from nine weeks to four weeks means less time to vote early in person and tight windows to receive and return mail ballots. … ‘All of these things are designed to construct additional hurdles to Georgians participating in our elections,’ said Nse Ufot, CEO of the New Georgia Project, which seeks to mobilize nonwhite and young voters. ‘Individually, they are annoyances, inconveniences. Collectively, they make up a voter suppression scheme.'” (06/13/22)