There’s a Big War Brewing Among Republicans Over … Well, War

Source: The New Republic
by Jordan Michael Smith

“In May, the Heritage Foundation, for decades a bastion of hawkish conservative foreign policy thinking, signaled a major change in Republican Party defense debates when it shifted its stance on Russia’s war in Ukraine by urging members of Congress to oppose a $40 billion aid bill. ‘The package is too large, too bloated, and completely lacking in strategy,’ wrote James Jay Carafano, vice president of Heritage’s national security wing. Reflecting similar sentiments, 57 House Republicans voted against the Ukraine aid package, as did 11 Senate Republicans, including longtime anti-interventionist Rand Paul and upstarts Josh Hawley and Tom Cotton. This dissent from militarism marks a major departure from the pre-Trump years, when ambitious conservative politicians outdid one another to see who could be more in favor of using force around the world.” (06/13/22)