France: Projections show Macron’s centrists to keep a majority

Source: SFGate

“French President Emmanuel Macron’s centrist alliance is expected to keep its parliamentary majority after the first round of voting, according to projections Sunday. Projections based on partial election results showed that at the national level, Macron’s party and its allies got about 25-26% of the vote. That made them neck-in-neck with a new leftist coalition composed of hard-left, Socialists and Green party supporters. Yet Macron’s candidates are projected to win in a greater number of districts than their leftist rivals, giving the president a majority. More than 6,000 candidates, ranging from 18 to 92, were running Sunday for 577 seats in France’s National Assembly in the first round of the election. The two-round voting system is complex and not proportionate to the nationwide support for a party.” (06/12/22)