The Democrats’ Only Real Presidential Choices

Source: Politico
by Jeff Greenfield

“Let’s begin with two matters of historical fact. They are indisputable, uncontroversial — and they define the dilemma for Democrats in the next presidential election with stark clarity. First: When Ronald Reagan ran for president in 1980, his age was a serious challenge. If he won, he’d be the oldest elected president ever. Eight years later, when he left the White House after a second term with clear signs of declining abilities, he was younger than Joe Biden was the day he began his presidency. Second: Since Alben Barkley failed to secure the 1952 Democratic presidential nomination, every Democratic vice president has eventually wound up as the party’s presidential nominee. … As Democrats begin to think about 2024 (if only to cover their eyes from the likely train wreck that the midterms promise), their thoughts can be summarized simply: Will he? Should he? And if not him, who?” (06/12/22)