Who’s to blame for the rural crime wave?

Source: Washington Post
by Paul Waldman

“As the [Wall Street] Journal reports, the increase in crime, particularly homicides, that came with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has not just been an urban phenomenon. Rural areas too have experienced more murders in recent years, leaving many communities reeling. … I’d sincerely like to hear what Republicans think of the rural crime wave, both why it has happened and what might be done about it. My guess is that they wouldn’t say it’s a failure of political leadership. After all, in many if not most of the affected rural areas, every public official — from the sheriff to the mayor to the county council all the way up to the House member, the senators and the governor — is a conservative Republican. But when crime goes up in urban areas, Republicans point the finger at local and national Democrats, saying it must have been their policy choices that produced the crime.” (06/10/22)