Time for a Taxpayer Revolt: How Corporatist Politicians Make You Subsidize Big Corporations

Source: Common Dreams
by Ralph Nader

“It is time for an unusual but long overdue revolt by the 150 million tax-with-held taxpayers. I’m not speaking of rates of taxation that the rich and corporations largely avoid because of the gigantic tax escapes, which they grease through Congress. Today I’m hoping to get your dander up by showing how corporatist politicians make you pay for big corporations to come to their corporate welfare-friendly state and make profits. You’ve been required to subsidize these companies for them to make a profit and you get nothing in return — silent partners pouring money indirectly into big-name corporations. They misleadingly call these subsidies ‘incentives,’ but they are really coerced entitlements.” [editor’s note: I wonder which stocks Nader is shorting this time? – TLK] (06/11/22)