The GOP’s Great Replacement: The truth behind the overturning of “Roe”

Source: The American Prospect
by Francesca Fiorentini

“It’s a strange thing to be pregnant while abortion rights are being axed. It’s like being sober on the brink of Prohibition, musing about how you’re ‘naturally drunk on life.’ My pregnancy is wanted. Sure, my child will be born into late-stage capitalism’s inferno, and sure, they’ll have to become a Twitch streamer or OnlyFans creator in order to even afford trade school. But damn it, the kid will have been wanted. That will not always be the case with generations born in the coming dystopian dark ages ahead for American uteruses. Thanks to the hollow-hearted fuckleheads on the Supreme Court and in state legislatures across the country, many children will now be born out of coercion.” (06/10/22)