WaPo fires toxic employee over her incessant harassment of colleagues

Source: Variety

“The Washington Post fired national political reporter Felicia Sonmez, according to published reports. Her reported termination comes after Sonmez lambasted the Jeff Bezos-owned paper’s leadership and engaged in highly public feuds with other staffers on Twitter. … Earlier this week, the Washington Post suspended political reporter Dave Weigel without pay for 30 days after he retweeted a sexist joke on June 3 and was called out on Twitter by Sonmez …. Sonmez’s public rebuke of Weigel prompted another Post reporter, Jose Del Real, to respond in a series of tweets, writing in part, ‘I hope you reconsider the cruelty you regularly unleash against colleagues.’ … Sonmez had previously sued the Washington Post, accusing the publication of discrimination …. a judge threw out her lawsuit against the Post. Sonmez’s lawyer had said she intends to appeal the decision.” [editor’s note: The moral of the story is “don’t f*ck with Dave Weigel” – TLK] (06/09/22)