The Fair Tax Is the Tax That Will Not Die

Source: Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Laurence M Vance

“Americans don’t need a consumption tax to supplement or replace the income tax. They don’t need Walmart and Amazon to collect a federal sales tax on top of the state sales taxes that they already collect. Taxation is still theft, no matter how it is collected. Since the federal government is unlikely to ever eliminate the income tax, proponents of a free society should work toward not only lowering tax rates, but expanding tax deductions, tax credits, tax breaks, tax exemptions, tax exclusions, tax incentives, tax loopholes, tax preferences, tax avoidance schemes, and tax shelters and making as many Americans as possible eligible for them. Letting Americans keep more of their money is not giving them subsidies that have to be ‘paid for.’ The question of which is the ‘better’ or ‘fairer’ tax—an income or a consumption tax—is irrelevant.” (06/09/22)