Russia: Hacked radio station broadcasts Ukraine’s national anthem and anti-war songs

Source: USA Today

“Much to the surprise of its listeners, a major Russian radio station began playing the Ukrainian anthem and a string of anti-war songs. The station was hacked Wednesday, according to The Moscow Times. A YouTube clip saved the broadcast, capturing the snafu. Kommersant FM, the radio offshoot of the Kommersant newspaper, was set to deliver its lunchtime bulletin when it was cut off by the Ukrainian military anthem, ‘Oh the red viburnum in the meadow,’ according to BBC. The country’s national anthem followed, and then came ‘I don’t need war’ by the Russian rock band Nogu Svelo. … Kommersant is owned by Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, the fifth-richest person in Russia, who is ‘one of Vladimir Putin’s favorite oligarchs,’ according to Business Insider.” (06/09/22)