Arrest outside Justice Kavanaugh’s home: Shocking, but sadly not surprising

Source: USA Today
by Jonathan Turley

“The arrest of a man near of the home of Justice Brett Kavanaugh early Wednesday is a chilling escalation in our age of rage. Police said the man, identified in court records as Nicholas John Roske of California, had a pack carrying a Glock pistol, a tactical knife, pepper spray, zip ties, a hammer and a crow bar. Roske, according to news reports, was angry that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade this month. He faces charges of attempting to kidnap, murder or threaten a federal judge. (This incident came after a judge was recently zip tied and killed in his Wisconsin home; a former defendant in the judge’s courtroom has been charged.) Politicians and commentators rushed to condemn the threat. Few of them, however, are willing to admit that it was both shocking but not surprising.” (06/09/22)