SF’s recall of DA Chesa Boudin a sign voters are done with “progressive experiments”

Source: Fox News Forum
by Greg Gutfeld

“You know, it’s always good when dangerous products get recalled. Like, say, defective airbags, or faulty gas pedals, or flimsy children’s high chairs — thank God they recalled those, I remember the nasty fall I took at Applebee’s on my 40th birthday. But when something hurts society, you’ve got to take it off the market. For some reason, however, ‘The View’ is the only exception. And who could forget my short-lived company, ‘Greg’s Fiery Lawn Darts’? It sounded like a good idea. … Probably shouldn’t have sold those during wildfire season. Although the upside without all those stupid trees, I can see into my neighbor’s windows again. But worse than ‘Fiery Lawn Darts’: this flaming A-hole Chesa Boudin. Finally, SF voters had enough of the car break-ins, the open-air drug-dealing, the shoplifting and disposed of their hard-Left DA like a used condom in the Tenderloin District.” (06/09/22)