How the Press Glamorizes Some Killers and Not Others

Source: The Pamphleteer
by Davis Hunt

“On the news that a radicalized loon showed up outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s house Tuesday night with the intent of killing him, it’s worth asking why such targeted attacks have not happened more often? You know, the ‘political unrest’ and all. The only ones that have happened in recent memory have been the congressional baseball shooting wherein a crazed, left-wing political activist shot Steve Scalise and Rand Paul’s crazed neighbor breaking a few of his ribs. Though the latter was not explicitly politically motivated, the former surely was as was this latest attempt on Kavanaugh’s life. Aside from the general carnage aimed at the common man during the Summer of Floyd, we have January 6th, which falls into the category of ‘aiming at politicians’ — just the wrong politicians according to the authorities.” (06/09/22)