Dear Member of Congress: Lower Drug Prices Now or Lose Your Job

Source: Common Dreams
by Laura Packard

“The voters of Oregon’s Fifth Congressional District made it clear that they will no longer tolerate elected officials who put the interests of Big Pharma over the lives of their own constituents. And the rest of Americans are not far behind. Seven-term Oregon Representative Kurt Schrader was one of the key votes in the U.S. House against an incredibly popular proposal to lower prescription drug prices. Given that in 2020 and 2021 pharmaceutical corporations donated more to Schrader’s reelection than any other industry, his support for keeping drug prices high is no surprise. In return for his loyalty to Pharma over his own constituents, Oregonians voted him out of office in the primary, electing instead Jaime McLeod-Skinner. In contrast to Schrader’s record, his challenger, McLeod-Skinner, promised to make affordable health care a priority once she is in office.” (06/09/22)