Will AIPAC Crush One of Congress’s Most Prominent Jewish Democrats?

Source: The American Prospect
by Alexander Sammon

“In the early weeks of the 2022 Democratic primary cycle, no development has been more consequential than the rise of richly funded pro-Israel groups spending millions of dollars in House races to crush progressives and boost moderates, especially in open seats. Their record so far has been largely successful—candidates backed by Democratic Majority for Israel PAC and AIPAC’s United Democracy Project have won high-priced contests in North Carolina and Ohio, and barely fell short of taking out Summer Lee in Pennsylvania in a race she was winning by 30 points at one stage. The same groups have unleashed attack ads against progressive Rep. Marie Newman in her incumbent-on-incumbent race against pro–climate change moderate Rep. Sean Casten in Illinois. But maybe the most fascinating race pro-Israel groups look set to train their considerable money on is Michigan’s 11th District, another of the small handful of incumbent-on-incumbent Democratic races brought by redistricting.” (06/09/22)