Minimizing Risk and Maximizing Lethality: This Is Your Security Force

Source: Libertarian Institute
by Laurie Calhoun

“That officers of the law proved unwilling to penetrate a building in which an armed person was killing completely defenseless children may on its face seem inexplicable. Policemen, like soldiers, are supposed to be brave and courageous human beings who risk their lives to save their fellow citizens—or so the story goes. The reality is quite different, as we know from not only what happened in Uvalde but also the many unarmed civilians killed by the police in recent years. The long list of nonthreatening persons whose lives have been terminated by officers of the law reveals that personal risk is now minimized and lethality maximized by police in the homeland, mirroring the modus operandi of the modern military in wielding deadly force abroad.” (06/09/22)