How Steve Bannon Makes People Believe Total Bullshit

Source: The Daily Beast
by Matt Lewis

“In politics, it’s tempting to elevate friends as brilliant and dismiss enemies as stupid. The political left, in particular, has developed the lazy habit of caricaturing everyone on the right as stupid — forsaking the reality that there are some evil geniuses out there who should be taken seriously, if not always literally. Steve Bannon should be at the top of that list. … Conservative writer John Podhoretz says Bannon is ‘an emperor and he has no clothes.’ I disagree. Bannon does indeed have clothes — in fact, he has so many clothes that he wears multiple layers. The point is that smart people keep overlooking the obvious. They keep underestimating people like Bannon. It’s a problem that I suspect many of Bannon’s fans share. If liberals are too quick to dismiss Bannon as full of shit, conservatives are probably too quick to be impressed by Bannon’s dishonest, manipulative, and yet charismatic schtick.” (06/09/22)