What If the US Had Invaded Ukraine?

Source: Future of Freedom Foundation
by Jacob G Hornberger

“Suppose that Ukraine was headed by a pro-Russia regime. After repeated failed attempts at assassination by the CIA, the Pentagon finally decides to invade Ukraine for the purpose of bringing about regime change …. What then would be the response of American statists, especially those within the U.S. mainstream press? There is no doubt about the answer. Everything would be different than it is today with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The media would be proudly embedding itself within the U.S. military’s invading forces. Mainstream papers would be reporting and commenting on the courage of U.S. troops. There would be no sympathetic pictures or videos of Ukrainian civilians killed; they would all be labeled as ‘collateral damage.’ Church ministers across the land would be exhorting their congregations to pray for the troops.” (06/08/22)