Will Punch-Drunk Biden Take America Down with Him?

Source: JimBovard.com
by James Bovard

“President Biden often looks like a punch-drunk old fighter sent into the ring once too often. At this point, the only thing lower than Biden’s approval numbers is his energy level. Is Uncle Joe too old to rebound? At this point, Biden is running on little more than fumes and righteousness. In his televised antigun speech Thursday night, Biden proclaimed that he expected most people ‘to turn your outrage into making this issue [assault weapons] central to your vote.’ Biden’s histrionic spiel was far more likely to turbo-charge gun owners than gun banners and could be another coffin nail for Democratic candidates in middle America. Biden perennially tells audiences that banning assault weapons is justified because the Second Amendment didn’t permit Americans to own cannons — a falsehood that even the Washington Post has repeatedly derided.” (06/08/22)