Inflation, illegal [sic] immigration, crime: Are Democrats doomed?

Source: Boston Herald
by Michael Graham

“Their president is the most unpopular in the history of modern polling. Gas prices on their watch are about to hit $5 a gallon nationwide — and then keep rising. Inflation is higher than it has been in 40 years, and shoppers are being forced to cut back on basics. At the southern border, record numbers of undocumented immigrants are pouring across the border. At the northern border, moms are driving to Canada to find baby formula for their children. Crime is rising, parents are fleeing public schools and COVID is still infecting thousands every day. And then there’s Afghanistan, China, Iran and Russia. Welcome to the Democrats’ Thunderdome, 2022. To casual followers of politics, the news for New Hampshire Democrats is bad. But for political pros and pollsters, it’s disastrous.” (06/08/22)