The McConaughey Moment: Actor Tells Biden, Congress Meet in Middle on Guns

Source: RealClearPolitics
by Philip Wegmann

“At one point, Matthew McConaughey slammed his fist on the podium, flashing anger and frustration all at once, the kind of emotions that White House press secretaries generally try to bottle up, bury deep, or better yet avoid altogether when talking in front of cameras. Celebrities are commonplace at the White House, but usually they are brief and more reserved. McConaughey was neither. His remarks were lengthy and impassioned. … Uvalde is the town where he first attended school — his mother was his kindergarten teacher at a school a mile away. … He had just mourned with grieving parents there, and he reported how families told him they want ‘secure and safe schools’ and laws that ‘won’t make it so easy for bad guys to get these damn guns.'” (06/08/22)