YouTube now censoring journalism for Biden administration

Source: New York Post
by Benjamin Weingarten

“For as ugly as the worst acts of those who descended on Washington, DC, on Jan. 6, 2021, were, none could justify the chilling assault on liberty and justice that has followed in their wake. The Ruling Class has used Jan. 6 to wage a jihad against its political opposition, including an assault on our most basic rights such as free speech. Big Tech has reinforced the narrative that views antithetical to regime orthodoxy are dangerous and must be policed accordingly. In the latest example, YouTube deleted a Jan. 6, 2021, interview conducted by a Post reporter with a Capitol breach participant. In the video, Aaron Mostofsky, son of a Brooklyn Supreme Court judge, explains why he was compelled to come to the Capitol, namely ‘to express … [his] opinion as a free American … that this election was stolen.'” (06/08/22)