Iraq: British tourist sentenced to 15 years for stealing antiquities

Source: CNN

“A 66-year-old British man has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in Iraq after he was found guilty of stealing antiquities while on an archaeological tour of the country, his lawyer has said. … Fitton was arrested on March 20 at Baghdad International Airport when 12 fragments were found by customs officials in his luggage. … Fitton’s family said he was on a geology and archaeology tour of Iraq’s southern ancient city of Eridu when he picked up the 12 fragments. They said there were no guards or signage that prohibited the removal of items. Soud says his client did not know what the items were and had been taken from a waste dump in an archeological area. He said his client loves stones and collects them from every place he visits, claiming he had no criminal intent.” (06/08/22)