Russia: Priest Arrested for Telling Putin’s Troops They’re Going to Hell

Source: The Daily Beast

“A Russian priest now faces up to 10 years behind bars for declaring that troops waging war on Ukraine are going to hell. The charges against Ioann Kurmoyarov, a former priestmonk of the Russian Orthodox Church and doctor of theology, come as the Kremlin seeks to stifle dissent over the war, with numerous high-profile musicians and writers recently charged under a new law against spreading ‘false information’ about the Russian military. … The charges against him stem from a video he posted on social media in March responding to Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyev’s claim that even if the war in Ukraine leads to a nuclear strike, Russians will ‘go to heaven.’ ‘I would like to disappoint everyone who believes in this ‘fake,’’ Kuromaryov said, adding that those who ‘unleash aggression’ do not wind up in heaven. ‘Ukraine did not attack Russia,’ he said. ‘You will not be in any heaven, you’ll be in hell.'” (06/08/22)