Biden’s Ukrainian sponsorship program isn’t perfect. Still, the many potential benefits should not be ignored.

Source: Niskanen Center
by Edward Shapiro & Matthew La Corte

“In April, the Biden administration released the much-anticipated ‘Uniting For Ukraine’ initiative. This landmark program enables individual Americans to sponsor displaced Ukrainians, ultimately fast-tracking family reunification. More than 45,000 Americans signed up as sponsors in the five weeks since the program launched, underscoring our national commitment to aiding individuals fleeing from the conflict. Despite the administration’s quick turnaround in creating the program, it had faced significant criticism for failing to offer access to refugee benefits and a path towards permanent residency. While the program still doesn’t offer a pathway to citizenship, Congress did vote last month to extend access to standard refugee benefits for the Ukrainians coming via the program. Meanwhile, the program’s many strengths have been largely ignored by most immigration advocates.” (06/07/22)