When Believing the Health Authorities Requires Denying Obvious Realities

Source: Brownstone Institute
by Thorsteinn Siglaugsson

“If the three-week flattening of the curve didn’t work it was because the lockdowns weren’t strict enough or not put in place at the correct point in time. If the masks didn’t work in a real-life setting this was of no consequence; the excuse was they weren’t used correctly. If a study showed mask wearing, combined with personal hygiene measures reduced transmission by a mere 10% at best, this was a huge feat and justified blanket mandates. If the lockdowns plunged hundreds of millions into acute poverty it wasn’t because of the lockdowns; in some mysterious way the virus itself had forbidden those people to work. Moving goalposts and after-the-fact justifications are not a new problem. We see this everywhere.” (06/07/22)