The Research Interests of Academic Economists, part 1

Source: Independent Institute
by Randall G Holcombe

“The American Economic Association holds its annual meeting in early January. It posts a call for papers to its members, and a selection committee decides which papers will be presented in concurrent sessions at the meetings. In May, a selected group of papers from the meeting is published in the American Economic Review. This year, 622 papers were presented at the meeting, and 115 of them were published …. Presumably, with the journal’s readership in mind, the articles that were published represent those that would be of most interest to academic economists, and that are representative of the research topics undertaken by them. Economic issues have been in the news lately, with inflation accelerating, supply chain issues interfering with markets, with COVID policies interfering with economic activity, a rising national debt, and questions about international trade policy. What subjects do those 115 articles address?” (06/07/22)