Sweden: Justice minister survives no-confidence vote

Source: Deutsche Welle [Germany]

“Swedish Justice Minister Morgan Johansson on Tuesday narrowly survived a no-confidence vote, preventing another political crisis. Sweden’s parliament, the Riksdag, was holding a no-confidence vote against him as he was blamed for failing to quash rising violence. Johansson can stay as justice minister with the support of 174 lawmakers, while 97 voted no, 70 abstained and 8 were absent, according to Swedish broadcaster SVT. In June 2021, former Prime Minister Stefan Lofven lost a confidence vote, only to put together a caretaker government that lasted for six months until the ex-leader asked to be dismissed from parliament. Since November, Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson of the Social Democrats has been leading one of the smallest minority governments in Sweden’s history, as their coalition with the Greens represents only 100 seats in the 349-seat Riksdag.” (06/07/22)