How both sides of the abortion debate lost the moral high ground

Source: The Hill
by Elizabeth Grace Matthew

“The abortion debate in the United States is becoming even more immature than it is dishonest — reflecting ever more polarization and ever less common sense. In May, Democrats in the House and Senate voted nearly unanimously for a bill that would ostensibly codify Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court’s 1973 decision legalizing most abortions. The bill would enshrine a right to abortion up until (and, in some cases, past) birth. … if one wanted to understand how nearly every Democrat in Congress — most of them perfectly kind and well-meaning people, I am sure — supported such a chillingly barbaric piece of legislation, one could do worse than to look at the unfeeling, sophomoric posturing taking hold within the ‘abortion abolition’ wing of the pro-life movement that animates many of their Republican colleagues.” (06/07/22)