The Closer Ukraine Gets to Victory, the Closer the World Comes to Nuclear War

Source: Cato Institute
by Ted Galen Carpenter

“It is easy to comprehend why the Biden administration and most Americans side with Ukraine in the ongoing conflict. Russia has waged an extremely brutal war of aggression against its smaller neighbor, and it’s hard to watch images nightly on the television news shows of the suffering that innocent Ukrainian civilians are enduring. Granted, the Russian invasion was hardly ‘unprovoked’ — a favorite theme of Western propaganda. The multiyear campaign to make Ukraine a NATO military asset was extremely provocative, and it reflected both arrogance and incompetence. Nevertheless, that provocation, bad as it was, did not justify an invasion that has created such destruction and suffering. The desire of Western populations to see Ukraine defeat a bully is understandable. However, NATO’s policy of trying to help Ukraine rout and evict Russian forces is both unrealistic and dangerous.” (06/07/22)