TX: AOC wanna-be vows recount in tight race

Source: BBC News [UK state media]

“She has all ingredients needed to be the next Democratic star: young, populist, with the credibility to speak for an important constituency — Hispanic Americans. On the campaign trail, Jessica Cisneros painted a picture of herself as a child of South Texas, from growing up in a poor, Spanish-speaking household to becoming a lawyer. Addressing a crowd of hundreds hiding in a church gymnasium from a blistering Texas sun, she made her pitch to oust a nine-term incumbent Democrat from his seat in Congress representing the border district that is over three-quarters Latino. The centrist Congressman Henry Cuellar (for whom she used to intern in Washington DC) was ‘anti-labour, anti-immigrant, [and]anti-choice,’ Ms Cisneros told supporters. It appears that message may have failed to resonate with an important swathe of voters in Texas'[s] 28th Congressional District, which stretches from the eastern suburbs of San Antonio south to the Mexican border.” (06/07/22)