UK: Johnson says Ukraine Should Not Accept “Bad Peace” [sic] With Russia

Source: Common Dreams

“Fresh off his narrow victory in a closely watched no-confidence vote, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told his top cabinet ministers on Tuesday that Ukraine should not be pushed to accept a ‘bad peace’ with Russia, remarks that align with private comments he reportedly made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in April. ‘He said it was vital that President Zelenskyy was not pressured into accepting a bad peace, noting that bad peace deals do not last,’ Johnson told top officials, according to the prime minister’s spokesperson. The official didn’t say whether Johnson specified what a ‘bad’ agreement would look like. ‘He said the world must avoid any outcome where [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s unwarranted aggression appears to have paid off,’ the spokesperson added.” [editor’s note: Do I need to repeat the line about “never been a good war or a bad peace?” – SAT] (06/07/22)