Wokeness, the Highest Stage of Managerialism

Source: City Journal
by Malcom Kyeyune

“It can be easy to forget how new our political and culture-war conflicts are. Ten years ago, critical race theory was something you’d encounter only online or in academic settings, Democratic politicians were still talking about civil unions for homosexual couples, and the media and federal government were busy pointing out how far America had come in repairing the broken race relations of the past. Today, little remains of that old order. Just how fast has this transformation unfolded? Consider a simple measure of how frequently the word ‘racism’ appears in the nation’s four largest newspapers: after staying basically constant from the 1970s to 2010, its usage explodes around 2012, with the Washington Post and the New York Times leading the charge. Though this ‘Great Awokening’ has scrambled political coalitions and upended widely held truths, wokeness itself remains a muddled concept.” (06/07/22)