Biden’s inept Cabinet shares blame for Biden’s many failures

Source: Fox News
by Liz Peek

“Folks, it’s not all Joe Biden’s fault that our nation is in trouble. His utterly inept cabinet is also to blame. Let’s start with Janet Yellen. Yellen, the first female treasury secretary, appeared to be the most seasoned, the best credentialed and least political of all Biden’s cabinet appointees. Not so. The treasury secretary recently confessed that she blew it on inflation. She didn’t apologize or admit its real cause, but at least she admitted she goofed. Yellen’s pitch is, essentially, that inflation blew in because of completely unpredictable events that no one could have anticipated. Untrue. Most economists agree that the Democrats’ $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan spilled too much money into the recovering economy at the same time that we had goods shortages, sparking rising prices.” (06/07/22)