Revisiting America’s Debt

Source: The American Conservative
by Jeff Sessions

“America’s unsustainable national debt has not gone away but instead has worsened considerably. This was recently made clear by Jeff Anderson’s important analysis published by the Claremont Review of Books. Anderson writes that ‘our national debt — which reached $4 trillion the year that [Ross] Perot ran — has hit $30 trillion.’ He adds, ‘If our debt were to keep rising at that rate over the next 60 years, it would increase more than 50-fold and surpass $1.5 quadrillion (a quadrillion, which sounds like a made-up number, is a thousand trillions).’ … There is no doubt: Large debt is dangerous to the nation and to its responsible citizens.” [editor’s note: There is no such thing as “national debt.” There’s just the debt of an organization called “the United States,” aka “the federal government.” Don’t let them fool you into thinking it’s YOUR debt – TLK] (06/07/22)